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D&D Refuse is excited to have you as a customer. Your current service with Waste Away will automatically be transferred to D&D Refuse and there will be no interruption to your service.

  • Your pickup days and rate will remain the same
  • Please continue to use your Waste Away carts you currently have
  • Former Waste Away customers will be given a new account number on their first statement to use going forward

Automatic Withdrawal Customers:
If Waste Away automatically withdrew payments from your bank account (ACH) then no other action is necessary on your part.

Online Banking Customers:
If you made payments to Waste Away using an online bill payment system through your bank please be sure to update your payment information with the following:

  • D&D Refuse Inc    3401 S 6th Street    Lincoln, NE 68502
  • New D&D Refuse Account #
         (Your new account # will be sent to you on your first billing statement)

On behalf of our entire family we thank you in advance for your business and we look forward to serving you. If you have any questions please let us know at (402) 423-3708  or  info@LincolnGarbage.com
D&D Refuse Inc is a third generation family owned and operated company. Having been in business for over 70 years, it is one of oldest and most respected garbage companies in Lincoln.
We have always built our business around the core principle of offering the highest quality service possible. By doing so, we have earned a reputation of not only being courteous and dependable but also economic and safe.
Formed in 1950 by Donald C. Kurtzer, D&D Refuse Inc operated under the name Don Kurtzer Refuse until 1973 when a partnership was formed with two of his sons, Don Jr and Dan. It used the name Don Kurtzer & Sons until 1979 when it officially incorporated as D&D Refuse Inc.
In 1985 Don Kurtzer Sr retired from daily operations. At the same time, his third son Dale became active in ownership while Don Jr left the company. Through the years following, the small family operated company  continued to grow and establish itself as one of Lincoln's solid waste industry leaders. 
Recently, Dan's three sons have become involved in daily operations. Their involment has allowed the company to combine fresh ideas with sustainable innovations that help keep the business competitive and successful in an ever changing industry.
Don Kurtzer Refuse, February 1956
Why Choose Local?

​Using a locally owned refuse and recycling company is an easy way to shop local.
Studies have shown that when you use an independent, locally owned business,
rather than a national business, significantly more of your money stays within
the local economy.

Furthermore, local businesses are owned by people who live within our community.
Local business owners tend to be more invested in Lincoln's growth and future
since this is where they choose to call home.
"When you shop at a locally owned business, it's estimated that your dollar has

three times the impact on your community as a dollar spent at national chains"

- Mayor Chris Beutler, November 24, 2014, Lincoln Journal Star

Once-a-week & twice-a-week service available. Two wheeled toter included with service.
Please call our office at
(402) 423-3708 for pricing.
Helpful Tips
  • Please have your tote or can out by 6:00AM
    on your scheduled pick up day
  • Do NOT mix household garbage & yard waste
    from April 1st through November 30th
  • Please call ahead for special items such as furniture, couches, mattress/box springs, applicances, etc  --  These items may be
    subject to an extra charge
  • Tree branches should be cut in 3' - 4' lengths and bundled with twine or rope
  • Periodically wash your toter or cans with
    soap & water to keep it odor free  --  This also prevents flies and other insects from breeding
Tote Sizes Available:
We offer rear load containers in several sizes.  Our commerical rates are based
on serveral factors such as type of waste & number of pick ups required. 

Please call our office at
(402) 423-3708 for pricing.
Please Note:
  • We do not offer dumpsters to residential customers
  • We do not handle roll off boxes
Dumpster Sizes Available:
Residential - Single Stream
No sorting required.  Simply place all of your recyclable materials into one container. A separate truck will pick up all your recyclables. It's that Easy & Convenient!
Helpful Tips
  • Rinse all food & beverage containers
  • Return plastic grocery / shopping bags
    to the store for recycling
  • Put shredded paper in a compost pile
    or place in a closed paper bag
  • Put pill bottles & similar small plastic containers inside larger detergent bottles
  • Use one of Lincoln’s drop off sites
    when recycling glass
Tote Sizes Available:
18 Gallon Bin
65 Gallon Tote
95 Gallon Tote
Keep Lincoln's Recycling Clean!
Often, people get overly excited about recycling and begin to put items into their recycling containers that simply do not belong.
Unaccepted and/or dirty items contaminate the recycling stream. These items increase recycling costs and devalue items that are otherwise recyclable.
Please be sure to check the lists below to see what is acceptable to place in your recycling containers. Recycling containers with unaccepted items will be dumped with the garbage.
Smarter Recycling is Better Recycling!
Commercial - Single Stream
Same ease & convenience as our residential
single stream recycling.  Wheeled totes & dumpsters available.
Commercial - Cardboard Only

Commercial customers who produce large volumes of cardboard are eligible for Cardboard Only recycling service.

Please call our office at
(402) 423-3708 for pricing.
Why We Don't Take Glass

Currently our recycling processor does not accept glass. With record setting lows
across commodity markets, every effort needs to be taken to maintain the highest
value for commodities and keep recycling costs to a minimum.

Glass has never been a high value commodity and is often sorted out of recycled material and sent to landfills. Broken glass contaminates other recyclable material and decreases the value of all the materials collected. Contamination in single stream recycling can also cause other items that would otherwise be recyclable to also be disposed of in a landfill.
A national study of recycling sorting centers concluded that 40 percent of glass brought in ends up leaving as garbage and most of the rest goes to the landfill to be used as daily cover. This causes a drain on other valuable resources and in turn can be seen as less beneficial to the environement.
We believe that NOT taking glass in single stream recycling is a more responsible use of resources.
City of Lincoln Yard Waste Ban
Yard Waste is banned from the Lincoln landfill from April 1st through November 30th.  During this time, yard waste must be separated from your regular household waste.
Helpful Tips
  • Yard waste is defined as
    Grass Clippings & Leaves Only

        (This includes Crabgrass & Pine Needles)
  • Branches up to 1 inch in diameter can be included with your yard waste  --  Branches with a diameter larger than 1 inch must be taken with your garbage
  • Other organic items from your yard such as flowers, garden waste, and trimmings can be included with your normal household garbage
  • Leaving your grass clippings on your
    yard or starting a compost pile is an environmentally friendly way to handle
    your yard waste
Service Options
We offer multiple service options to handle
your yard waste disposal needs.
Spring:  April & May
Full Season:  April through November
Fall:  October & November
One Time Pick Up:  Call to Schedule Pick Up
Yard waste is picked up once per week
Please note, excessive amounts of yard waste from December 1st through March 31st may be subject to an extra charge.
Please place your yard waste in an approved container.  You may use your own paper lawn bags, your own 32 gallon garbage cans, or one of our wheeled totes.  We cannot accept yard waste in plastic bags.  Also, customer owned cans that are larger than 32 gallons or that weigh more than 50lbs will not be dumped.
Acceptable Yard Waste Containers:
Paper Lawn Bags
(Your Own)
32 Gallon Can
(Your Own)
65 Gallon Tote
95 Gallon Tote
Not Acceptable Yard Waste Containers:
Needles & Syringes
Needles and syringes discarded in the trash present a serious danger to anyone who could possibly come in contact with them.
Please use the following precautions when discarding your used needles and syringes.

  • Recap your needles
  • Place needles in a leak proof,
  • puncture-resistant container
  • Fill the container 2/3 full
  • Put the lid on and seal with tape
  • Label the container “BIO-HAZARD”
  • Place container in the trash bin on top
Tire Disposal
All motor vehicle tires are banned from landfill disposal. Tires should not be placed in the garbage and need to be disposed of separately. There is an extra charge to dispose of tires. Please call our office to schedule a special pickup.

Old tires should not be left out in the elements as they gather water and become breeding grounds for mosquitos.
Latex Paint
Latex paint can be dried out with cat litter or other absorbent material and thrown away with your trash.
Usable latex paint can also be taken to:
     Habitat for Humanity ReStore
     North 47th & Y Street

Lincoln's safe, environmentally responsible, and convenient drop-off location for toxic chemicals and hazardous waste.

For more information visit:
lincoln.ne.gov    Keyword:  Hazardous

Open by Appointment Only

Lincoln's Hazardous Waste Center
5101 N 48th Street
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Holiday Schedule
We are closed on Thanksgiving,
Christmas, & New Years Day. 

If your scheduled pickup day falls on one of these holidays, we will normally be by the following day for most customers.

Please Note:
Some customers may be notified
in advance of an alternate pickup schedule depending on their
specific neighborhood

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